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Coffee: A Gamer's Best Friend

What do gamers dream of? There can be many answers to this question but there is one dream that will resonate with gamers all over the world. The zone!! That elusive state where the body and mind are in complete sync with each other and where your fingers dance over the controls and make you pull off seemingly-impossible gaming stunts and achievements with ridiculous ease.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get into the zone, which is why gamers need something extra to help them enter the zone with ease. Irrespective of what anybody may tell you, always remember that the best drink for gamers and gaming is coffee.

Why Coffee?

Why choose coffee over other drinks like tea or artificial energy drinks? Well, for starters, coffee has been around for hundreds of years, even a thousand if some stories are to be believed, and has been consistently doing the same thing over centuries---making drinkers feel fresh, energetic, focused, and raring to go.

Further, coffee is rich in caffeine, which is the magic ingredient that helps us overcome exhaustion, stay focused even after hours and hours of gaming, boosts our reflexes to keep us sharp in the game, and tastes so good that you feel unbeatable.

No Artificial Stuff in your Cuppa

Of course, what makes coffee a much healthier option than artificial drinks is that it, unlike the latter, is not loaded with tons of preservatives, artificial flavors, and dyes. While energy drinks too contain caffeine and will certainly give you the kick you seek, your body will have to pay a very high price for the energy surge. Coffee, on the other hand, does this job just as well without filling your body with lots of unnecessary chemicals.

No Need for Sugar

Another drawback of opting for energy drinks is that you can end up consuming as much as 50 grams of sugar with every serving of an artificial energy drink. That's a lot of calories going into your body. If you spend long hours pursuing your love for gaming, then you can end up facing many health problems due to these energy drinks.

Your coffee, on the other hand, is free of sugar and will remain so until you choose to sweeten your drink. While caffeine is a necessary evil for gamers, coffee helps you regulate your sugar intake without any hassles.

Finally, choosing Player One Coffee allows you to transform this ordinary drink into an exotic brew of hand-roasted coffee beans ground into high-quality coffee powder by gaming lovers for their brethren gaming enthusiasts all over the world.