We always had the fire, but our journey made us realize the importance of fuel. Traveling the world to check out the latest and the best the gaming industry has to offer put us in the limbo of disjointed time zones, long hours spent scouring the convention halls and endless array of airport lobbies. Everywhere we went, there was a coffee machine, pouring out a cup that just didn’t cut it. Our taste buds wanted to experience coffees from across the planet, and we started touring roasting facilities everywhere we went. The smell and the taste of exotic coffee beans created an unparalleled moment of clarity, and the idea from which Player One Coffee was born.

In 2017, we put our collective knowledge to the test, starting a business geared towards people like us – creatives, travelers, those actively seeking top quality kindling for the fire fueling their passions.

Roasted Fresh To Order: Why It's Important

There’s a magic moment we love here at Player One Coffee: when a customer messages us and tells us they could never go back to grocery store coffee. Nothing against our friends and fellow roasters occupying shelf space in retail stores, but there’s just something incredibly noticeable about truly fresh roasted coffee: it tastes way better.

Sounds simple, right? It is. Much of the coffee you’ll find on shelves at stores has been roasted weeks (and more than likely MONTHS) prior to your purchase. The beans become rancid and lose much of the flavor intended for you to enjoy by the roaster.

Player One Coffee is roasted fresh to order, so you can be confident that the coffee you receive from us is roasted right on the spot and shipped directly to you. Many of our customers will perform side-by-side taste tests with the coffee they buy from grocery stores and fresh roasted Player One Coffee and the results speak for themselves.